23 Feet Panchaloga Natraja Statue

The 23 feet Nataraja statue will have the following special features.

  • Out of the total height of 23 ft. the height of Nataraja state alone is 17 ft. and the height of Peedam (pedastal) is 6 ft.
  • The 51 Fire spots reflect 51 Aksharas suitable for lord Siva.
  • 51 Simhas, 56 Boodhaganas, 102 Lotus, 2 Mahara Birds do form part of Thiruvachi (arch).
  • Right upper and left upper hands carry Udukkai and Fire Pot respectively.
  • Front right hand with Serpent and Blessing Palm and front left hand in the hanging position.
  • Right foot on the Demon and left leg in raised posture.
  • One side ear with ornament, leaving the other side with plain hole.
  • Hair is adorned with a skull, serpent, moon, flower, Ganga and a feather of crane.
  • The dance with such adornment and scattered hair, is known as “SRI ANANDA THANDAVA” .

Bronze statues of Hindu Gods and
Goddesses for both Temples and House


We, Bronze Creative are one of the Best Bronze statues manufactures at Thimmakudi, Swamimalai, Kumbakonam, in India. We are offering all kinds of statues in Bronze, Copper, Brass, Germen silver, silver and Gold. We are specialized in making the panchaloga statues which are connected with Hindu religion and Hindu Gods,Religious statues, Indian Bronze statues and also sheet metal works, Kavachams, Creative Lamps in Brass and Silver.

Bronze Creative makes the Best Chola style bronze sculptures. Characters in Hindu stories especially of the legends and epics, which tell us the story as to how the god or lord were exist, can also be obtained in bronze statues form from us.
Traditional sculpture of India which bonds with ancient culture is “UrchavaMoortthy”. The reflection of lord’s statue (Moolastana) in the temple, is ‘Urchava Moortthy’. The art which has been created exclusively for street procession has been developed with unique aspects, which, the world astonishes, admires, appreciates and it is being made as the best presentation of Art.

- Art is perfection of Beauty, Records of Viewpoints /Tthough
- Completion of Glamour
- Dwell of Happiness
- Summit of Culture
- Trademark of Developed Civilization

The God has been and being everywhere constantly so also the Art is also being everywhere and forever. Temples are symbols of Art .For making a sculpture, an artist does imaginate based on what has been made up in his mind and ends is as a sculpture. It is true that the art of sculpture is a magnetic attraction among the 64 arts. Realization of God could be nothing but Art. Art is nature. It attains completion when it takes a form in the man’s arms. It too captivates and attracts the eyes and mind of human .Then it becames Sensational. We attain extreme happiness by analyzing and acknowledging these three aspects such as Formation, Completion and Sensation.
We are specialized in bronze sculptures and bronze icons of Lord Ganesha, Shiva, Natraja, Parvathi, Lakshmi, Krishna, Saraswathi, Vishnu, Brahma, Rama, Sita, Hanuman, Laxmana, Narashimha, Renganatha, Shivakami, Suriya, Muruga, etc. We also do the South Indian bronze statues and the related Hindu religion and the Hindu Gods.

We are manufacturing and exporting the Fine Finished products with fine features.
Even prior to thousands of years lost wax process was existing. It has been followed since 9th century for making Hindu God and Goddess sculptures. We have mastered the lost wax method being an age old technique that has been in existence since Chola Empire of the 12th century and still remains unchanged till date.
This figure Yali is seen on many temple pillars. This yali figure is the combination of Lion face and body with elephant’s tusk and trunk. It could also be seen that the trunk from the yali’s mouth is found to be hooking the trunk of an elephant which is at the bottom. The miniature of yali is manufactured by us for use as door handles.

If you think that the price of the quality is high, please try for the poor quality. We never compromise on quality, service and, hardwork and reduce price. Never stands the price infront of the quality.


We are manufacturers and exporters
the Fine Finished products with fine features


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