Even prior to thousands of years lost wax process was existing. It has been followed since 9th century for making Hindu God and Goddess sculptures. We have mastered the lost wax method being an age old technique that has been in existence since Chola Empire of the 12th century and still remains unchanged till date.

It is a known fact that Southern part of India is famous for making copper castings among other countries in the world. All the handicrafts including Cast In Bronze Creative do casting jobs based on the clear and supreme records/documents made long long ago.

For making any item, wax model is necessarily to be done initially. This wax is made with the combination of Kungulium (Resin) and Bee wax. Due to scarcity of Bee wax in the market, Kungulium is mixed with paraffin wax in the same ratio with groundnut oil (or any cooking oil) and after filtration wax is derived. Then the wax model for any item is handmade.

1. Resin is being ground by Mr.Dinesh and Mr.Karthik. 2. Melted resin is mixed with paraffin.
3. Adding oil to the mixture of resin and paraffin, by Mr.Saami.
4. Wax in melted condition.
5. Wax in the ready condition for further process.

Various photos on making 23 ft. Nataraja wax model.

1. Side view of the face
2. Top view
3. Varadaraj is doing final touchup on the face
4. Harun is viewing
5. Varadaraj is doing the Face of Apasmara
6. Test

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