It is a known fact that Southern part of India is famous for making copper castings among other countries in the world. All the handicrafts including Bronze Creative do casting jobs based on the clear and supreme records/documents made long long ago.

I am Dr.Akshay Parikh from Bombay & for last 3 years I'm at Bijapur working with 1 Medical College as a Professor. I've got your address from internet.

I am personally interested in on e Shri Krishna idol of about 3 feet or so made of white metal. I've seen your website & nice and attractive bronze statues are there.

Shri Vishnu & Shri Krishna made by you. Basically, I am interested in idol of white metal & not of bronze or brass as they get dull/dark/black due to polluted the same.

Climate of Mumbai. I've got few small idols of Gods/Goddesses of brass but they get dull & Gods when I come home design for this.

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